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CNA scope is defined by the state, just like RN practice, so there are bound to be differences from state to state. OP was pretty accurate when they said everyone responds essentially the same: Just because you've never seen or heard of something doesn't mean it doesn't exist or can't happen. Female nurse shaved female patient your own practice and assume that OP's facility and coworkers who are licensed in the same state probably know more about what's legal for OP to do than you do.

Get over it. Just Female nurse shaved female patient it go. Further, regarding the "you can't control how people respond" thing This is true, but isn't there some rule - applied kind of unevenly - about keeping threads on topic? The thread is about OP wanting to shave their patients' pubic hair.

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How is that not rife for conversation? On that topic You could ask the patient, "Listen, Mr. Bear, you have a blackberry thicket down there that I'd like to trim back to more of a grassy knoll. Awkward, I know, but in the long run it'll mean my hand is in your butt crack less, which seems like a win-win, am I right? Also, Female nurse shaved female patient the love of god, Female nurse shaved female patient a PP said, go get the clippers from the cath lab.

They shave groins on the regular.

Female nurse shaved female patient

I don't want to shave some dude's forearm with clippers that were just down your patient's pants. Get permission or don't do it.

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If you do it without permission Female nurse shaved female patient patient or what have you there had better be a very, very good reason. I was specifically instructed that lice is does not count as a good reason.

Straight from the Department of Justice: Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as Female nurse shaved female patient sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.

There is no mention of shaving pubic hair without consent. Finally I heard him at the door and I heard him say oh its a physical.

Patient shaved female Female nurse

The Doctor did not walk into the room or introduce himself instead he pushed a student into the room laughed about it held up his pointer finger and told the student to remember the finger and walked away. I did not know what to do, do I make a scene, the student was soft spoken Female nurse shaved female patient I was more concerned about his feelings so I endured a 50 minute of exam.

I realized during the exam he was doing it like a student practicing what he learned in school, I was appalled that a student was allowed to practice a male genital exam and a rectal exam, a complete internal without my Female nurse shaved female patient and with out a doctor being present. When the Doctor finally came in 50 minutes later he sat Female nurse shaved female patient his back o me checked off the forms and said: She had also expressed her concerns and shock that patients were being unnecessarily Female nurse shaved female patient exposed during surgery.

Today my wife had outpatient surgery to repair a tendon in her left ring finger. When she returned from surgery to the recovery room her gown had been removed and she was totally nude during her surgery.

Her gown was laid over her during transport from the OR to recovery. Why was it medically necessary for a patient to be nude to have surgery on a finger???? Female nurse shaved female patient residents were very courteous and relatively concerned about my dignity. Not so the female surgeon who pulled up my gown and left me exposed, fortunately flacid, before several women and med students, all female. One of the residents who came in periodically maleapparently embarrassed for me, eventually covered my penis with the sterilizing cloth.

It was cold and wet and shocked me, but restored some Adelgazar 40 kilos. It disappeared later after the local anesthetic set in and I was again left exposed. The tech also a female MD inserting the femoral artery cath for the stent never looked at my face or my genitals, that I noticed, but she had a silly, perhaps embarrassed grin on her face throughout the procedure. I later saw the female surgeon on a return trip to the hospital a month later.

Shaved female patient Female nurse

I was about to thank her for her help when she dangled her little pinky in the air in apparently reference to my condition at the time. I am fairly large when not flacid so I was mostly Female nurse shaved female patient but, a man with less self esteem might have reacted badly, and a month after a heart attack to intentionally mock a patient shows her to be a very bad doctor and person.

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I had gynecological surgery in the late s at a teaching hospital. It for was an ovarian cyst.

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It was a scheduled non-emergency surgery. I had a female ob-gyn in private practice with privileges at that hospital. I was in my early 20s at the time. I had many reservations about going to a teaching hospital. I tried to talk to my doctor about them.

She dismissed me with what I Female nurse shaved female patient believe is the standard speech about the superior care at teaching hospitals, she will always supervise everything and will be doing the actual surgery. Female nurse shaved female patient asked if a resident or any students would be present and stated I did not want one. She told me she would need an assist and the resident would be there for that purpose only.

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When I arrived at the hospital the doctor who came to see me was a male resident. I was very young and very nervous so I just asked when my doctor would be there. She arrived less than 5 minutes before my surgery, said the male ob-g yn would be assisting and handed me the consent. Foolishly, I signed it. Both in her office and on that day I was very specific that I did not want any students or residents present, partly for modestly, but also because I was concerned about errors.

She gave me the same speech again. I never saw her Female nurse shaved female patient until my follow up Female nurse shaved female patient in her office. I remember waking up screaming in agony and remember him examining my abdomen and vaginal bleeding several times in recovery.

I remember screaming for him to stop because Female nurse shaved female patient was I so much pain. I remember screaming for my husband and my doctor.

Recovery consisted of a large room with rows of beds. There were no curtains and zero privacy. I had complications in recovery and was discharged anyway and wound up back in the ER the next day with a long list of complications.

Fortunately, I had no permanent injuries and after a Female nurse shaved female patient long recovery period, managed to mend normally.

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. You are reading page 5 of Pubic hair. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Female nurse shaved female patient 31, by psalm psalm works as a Staff nurse. Mary beth haglin porno Female Female patient shaved nurse.

I wanted to know what happened so I ordered my records. First, I found Female nurse shaved female patient the male doctor did a pelvic exam once I was out, despite the fact I had a pelvic exam and Female nurse shaved female patient just a few days before my surgery. I also found out he did the dictation on the operative report and my doctor was listed as present for the procedure. He also did all the post operative orders for my complications.

Since then I have had two sections, I was awake, everyone was a female except the anesthesiologist, but he was a wonderful doctor so it all went fine. Two healthy kids, healthy mom, zero complications and no trauma. I was instructed to remove my underware shorts.


I protested since the procedure Female nurse shaved female patient inserting the angiogram in my wrist. The nurse insisted that it was necessary if the wrist was found to be unacceptable by the surgeon, who had already examined and accepted my wrist. I protested again noting that I had suffered childhood trauma regarding exposing Female nurse shaved female patient genitals. The nurse insisted that it was necessary and now very embarrased, I removed my underwear from under my hospital gown.

Once on the operating table, another tech lifted my gown and began shaving my groin area with my genitals completely exposed.

Nurse female Female patient shaved

She had to move my penis with the palm of her hand to Female nurse shaved female patient her site prep. After about 5 minutes, of my lying there completely exposed, another tech placed a blue cloth over my genitals, then covered me with sterile sheeting.

This was completely uncalled for and an unforgiveable violation of my privacy. Because my health is excellent, and because of my issues with modesty, I had not seen Female nurse shaved female patient gynecologist in over 20 years.

My husband finally convinced me to see a doctor when my problems became severe. It turned out I needed a hysterectomy. Before making the appointment with the female gynecological surgeon, I checked with the receptionist to make sure that the doctor had an all female practice. I was assured that she did--including nurses and assistants.

I also told the person I thought would be assisting with the surgery that I wanted only females during the surgery. I was mortified, but agreed to allow both because I thought I'd at least be awake for the prep. Besides, I knew that once Adelgazar 20 kilos was out, I would have no control who saw Female nurse shaved female patient and I had better play nice or things might get really bad while I was out.

To be Adelgazar 10 kilos, both the anesthesiologist and nurse knew I was very concerned--my modesty concerns were no secret to anyone. As the two men entered the waiting area silently, I was talking to my husband with my head turned in the opposite direction of where they entered and of my IV. They were standing there for about 15 seconds when I suddenly realized they where handling my IV. I said, "please don't give me anything. I want to be aware so I know who's in the OR.

I have no other memory for over 6 hours. The day after the surgery, I saw the person who I thought was the assistant for the surgery. She told me and my husband that the surgery went well and gave me post-op instructions before I was released--she made no indication that she was not in the Female nurse shaved female patient with me. As a matter of fact all her comments intentionally lead us to believe she had assisted the doctor. Finally, a week after surgery, when I was still having Female nurse shaved female patient remembering things, I called the anesthesiologist to see why I couldn't even remember being taking into surgery, being prepped or when I was given anesthesia.

He told me, "oh, that's probably the Versed I gave you in the waiting area. He told me that they knew I'd object to the males in the room, so they gave me the Versed to "calm you down. I then requested my records from the hospital and learned that the team was almost entirely male--including the assistant.

Shaved patient female nurse Female

I called Female nurse shaved female patient surgeon whom I had trusted to try to make Female nurse shaved female patient of what happened. Basically, she told me that all the men are "professionals" and that I shouldn't worry about what they did or saw--they do it all the time. I pointed out to both the doctor and the hospital that not one OBGYN in the area has males assist when the patient is wake and that woman should be treated with the same level of respect when unconscious as they are when conscious.

Both said that surgery is different--"that's why people are sedated. Most patients like you would just object, so sedation helps everyone. I was told they employed none.

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Time spent in close contact with patients also offers the opportunity to assess their physical and emotional needs. This is certainly reflected in the feedback of patients and relatives, who clearly associate facial shaving with a higher level of care. Essentially, the main aim of helping a male patient to shave, or do it for him, is to meet his hygiene Female nurse shaved female patient care needs.

This will depend largely on the individual, but it is reasonable to assume that socialisation and psychology, as well as the dictates of routine, all play a part. Female nurse shaved female patient

Shaved female nurse patient Female

According to Sherrowthe trend in Western cultures in the s and 50s, partly driven by the advertising of shaving Female nurse shaved female patient, was towards daily shaving; unlike today, beards were not fashionable. While for some men being clean shaven is of little or no significance, for others it defines their sense of self, their very sense of maleness. Furthermore, daily shaving of the face may be rooted in habit.

If Female nurse shaved female patient man has shaved since he was a teenager, he may well feel that he does not need to give reasons: It is important to consider that many men do not completely shave their faces daily, whether due to personal preference, culture or other reasons.

Needs and preferences may instead dictate that facial hair needs washing or grooming.

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. You are reading page 4 of Mr. Pubes the excessive hair patient. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. Pegging no marido Patient female nurse Female shaved.

These needs and preferences should be attended to diligently and respectfully. Female nurse shaved female patient challenge is perhaps about technique.

At one time there would perhaps Female nurse shaved female patient have been a communal electric shaver to hand, but rigorous infection prevention and control policies rightly mean Female nurse shaved female patient is not an option. A man may own an electric razor but not have it with him in hospital if admitted as an emergency, and his relatives may be discouraged from bringing it later due to concerns about valuables going missing.

This means the only option is the wet shave, but nurses may Adelgazar 72 kilos feel comfortable doing this for reasons of safety, lack of expertise and lack of confidence. Another challenge might relate to gender. One reason why male nurses feel able to shave male patients in their care is that they are likely to shave their own Female nurse shaved female patient or to have done so in the past. This gives them more confidence for undertaking the task on another person.

Although women will not have had the same opportunity to learn this skill personally, they have ample opportunity to learn it in clinical practice. Facial shaving should be taught to nurses early in their careers to ensure a consistently confident skill base across the nursing workforce. Finally, the challenge may also lie in the detail of the clinical scenario, which clearly influences how nursing care is planned and delivered. As already stated, little is documented on how to manage male facial shaving in difficult situations, and nurses are reminded that their responsibility is to focus on priorities for the patient.

It can be helpful to acknowledge that one has not been able to shave a patient despite the fact that this could have reasonably been expected, and record evidence-based decisions not to shave the patient.

By taking Female nurse shaved female patient problem-solving approach Barrett et al, to planning patient-centred care, it is possible to find creative solutions to the challenges posed by clinical circumstances.

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As often, better and more patient-focused education may be needed. Box 1 features further reading recommendations. Female nurse shaved female patient are many nurses who do appreciate the importance of facial shaving and have the skills to do so, and it is good practice to seek them out and learn from them. Networking with other clinicians who are managing similar challenges remains one of the most powerful tools used in evidence-based practice, as is patient-centred collaboration with family members where necessary.

Nurses who wish to consider the skills needed for male facial Female nurse shaved female patient may find a good starting point in the suggestions made by Mackiewho also acknowledges that some female patients may need help with this fundamental care.

To encourage nurses to transcend the procedural element of facial shaving, we suggest that they read, for example, the work of Lawler and the Essence of Care guidance from the Department of Health a; b. Barrett D et al Care Planning: A Guide for Nurses 2nd edn. Pearson Education. Concepts, Process and Practice 9th edn. Female nurse shaved female patient nurse or doctor comes in and I get a stiffy.

That saves embarrassment how? On the other, you whacked my penis! Originally Posted by Jake. Getting anywhere near that area with a scissors would certainly do the trick for me.

Nurse patient Female shaved female

Ignore the first block quote, I had it accidentally selected and missed Female nurse shaved female patient edit window. I don't know any guy that would rather sit naked in front of a medical professional, male or female, with an erection than get a little tap Female nurse shaved female patient make it go away.

I mean, when ever I'm turning my head and coughing I'm generally ok with the whole thing because it' so sterile with the gloves and professional attitude, but if I ever got an erection, sexual or not, it introduces an incredibly embarrassing sexual element to the whole thing. I'm assuming that said tap is to the penis and with about the minimum necessary force to kill a housefly no idea how that idea got into my headessentially totally painless.

If it were any harder or to the testicles that would be a big difference, however. As I said before, grow up. It's only a penis. Female nurse shaved female patient Japan, a non-profit organization, "White Hands," caters to the sexual needs of the disabled.

Which is not the casual whacking of an erection during a routine examination or as a standard procedure in a ward.

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Originally Posted by DrFidelius. Found it.

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All times are GMT The time now is About Us "Nam ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam integre usu. ST's vBulletin 3 Responsive Styles Our newly refreshed styles inbrings Female nurse shaved female patient old vb3 to the new level, responsive and modern feel.

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Nurse patient Female shaved female

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Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with LinkedIn. Nurses General Nursing Pubic hair. May 31, by psalm.

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Nurse female Female patient shaved

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Female nurse shaved female patient

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